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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Live Week Discussion - Live Stream

Online live from 7.30pm... watch and participate in the Artsblog Live Week Discussion by clicking here, or by joining us in person in the Brick Room at Toynbee Studios. The following group of individuals – who all spend their time writing about, observing and performing art works, music, fashion and current affairs on the internet – will be coming along and getting involved in the conversation:

Tassos Stevens (theatre-maker & game-designer, Coney)
Isabell O’Carroll (blogger, Catwalk Queen and Brandish)
Anna Goss (music manager, music blogger and blog PR)
Linda Duffy (artist, ‘Encounters’: Accidental Festival)
Holly Revell (teacher and photographer)
Ben Beaumont-Thomas (blogger, Bad Idea Magazine and
Justin Allen (artist, Switch Performance)
Ant Hampton (artist and performance maker, Rotozaza & The Other People)
… and the Artsbloggers themselves (yes – you’ll be able to meet these cultured wordsmiths in person!)

They'll all be open to your questions, please do log on and interrogate them (kindly, of course) about art, the internet and all things blog-related! To do this, click here to go to the live discussion on the Usteam site. Find the 'chat' tab (next to the twitter feed on the right of the screen where the action is being steamed live) and type in your comments. We'll feed these into the discussion for you, and you'll hear the participants instant response!

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