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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Live Week Podcasts

It's day three of Live Week, and last night's Discussion Event went fantastically. Thanks very much to all our contributors, both those who turned up to Toynbee Studios in person, and those who joined us online. A very interesting conversation resulted and was streamed live - watch the recording below.

Today, we've got something new for you - a pair of specially recorded Artsblog Postcasts. Click on your selected podcast above to listen - choose from the Aldgate Tour with Juicy du Jour, or the Soundscape tour from Liverpool Street Station. Both have been designed to accompany you as you make your way to Toynbee Studios for the Live Week Interactive Event this Friday, (May 26, see the Artsblog Live post below for full details), but both can be listened to elsewhere and at your leisure instead if desired.

Podcast 1: The Aldgate Tour with Juicy du Jour
Join Juicy du Jour, the sparkly burlesque gem from the streets of Paris, on the dirty streets of Aldgate. We'll shimmy our way to the Artsadmin Blog Launch together, whilst discovering a little about the ghosts of beauties past. Wear your highest heels or toppiest top hat, and keep an eye out for the Ripper, as we leave a trail of glitter and blood all the way to the door of Toynbee Hall...

Map: The Aldgate Tour with Juicy de Jour

Podcast 2: Soundscape Tour from Liverpool Street Station
This podcast is a collage of sounds recorded in and around the East London area. All the voices and noises were captured in the vicinity of Commercial Street over the last few days. There's no need to follow a specific route while listening, although certain sounds may indicate the whereabouts of the original recording. Start at Liverpool Street station and walk to the Artsblog Live Event on Friday, or enjoy it next time you're nearby.

We'd love to hear how you got on... tell us about your experiences in the comment section.

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