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Friday, 30 October 2009

Pick Of The Week 30.10.09

Today I was going to go with the predictable Halloween picks but there is too much good non witchy related stuff taking place this week so we scrapped that.
A quick survey around the office revealed that people will be mostly dressing up as pirates/ bears/ wicked witches/ gold futuristic soothsayers/ jack from Lord of the Flies and dead soldiers, look after the jump to see where we are heading of too...

Talk - Chosen by Nikki
Raimund Hoghe and Franko B in conversation
Siobhan Davies Studios
Tuesday 3rd November 19.00
Choreographer Raimund Hoghe has a chin wag with Franko.
Independent Dance presents a series of conversations with artists from within and outside dance, whose particular practice has led them in interesting directions beyond geographic or artform boundaries.

Film - Chosen by Joanne
Fantastic Mr Fox
everywhere (including Gap window Displays!)

I can't wait to see this film! The story was put on stage when I was a little kid and it was amazing.
A story of one Mr.Fox and his wild-ways of hen heckling, turkey taking and cider sipping, nocturnal, instinctive adventures. He has to put his wild days behind him and do what fathers do best: be responsible. He is too rebellious. He is too wild. He is going to try "just one more raid" on the three nastiest, meanest farmers that are Boggis, Bunce and Bean. It is a tale of crossing the line of family responsibilities and midnight adventure and the friendships and awakenings of this country life that is inhabited by Fantastic Mr. Fox and his friends.

Event - Chosen by Carly
Tate Modern
31st October
The Raw Canvas/DIY Womp Halloween Tate Takeover this Saturday, full of the best and most exciting creative minds bringing you some spooky and art-y type fun. Sculpture, live music, new work, live illustration, films to scare and inspire and my pick of this pick - The Roundhouse Experimental Choir! These guys are amazing, I've seen them perform on many occasions and they continue to astound me - not your average choir, full of fun, intrigue and the coolest conductor this side of a cool thing... So come on, it's on earlier in the evening, so you can pop your 'well-thought-out' costume on and head down there for loads of fun before you go and drink yourself silly at some tacky Halloween-decoration-soaked-sticky-floored-girls-in-barely-there-costumes bar! Hooray! Happy All Hallows Eve...

Event - Chosen by Lisa
Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos)
31st October - 2nd November
British Museum on the 1st of November
between 11am and 5pm
I first found out about this Mexican tradition whilst playing a Day of the Dead themed computer game called Grim Fandago set in a world inhabited by skeletons with large Aztec style skulls. Good game, by the way, check it out if you're into that sort of thing.
Now integrated into Catholic traditions and celebrated around All Saint's Day, this ancient holiday celebrates the memories of dead relatives by dancing in funny masks and eating sugar skulls that represent their dead loved ones' faces. It's a fun and colourful way to remember those who have passed away, but you may look a bit silly if you decide to celebrate it by yourself.
If you're in London this weekend, pop into the British Museum on the 1st of November between 11am and 5pm for their Day of the Dead events. Find out more about that here:

Website and Project Launch - Chosen by Sam
Fun With Cancer Patients
The wonderful Brian Lobel's new project supported by the Wellcome Trust is about action with Cancer patients, actions can be anything which involves you — the cancer patient — taking the lead. “If I could only…” “Oh, I so want to…” “I wish I could just...” might be three ways of starting to think of an action.

Cabaret - Chosen by Lindsey
Every Friday for the run of the Sacred Festival at Chelsea Theatre Friday nights are Cabaret Nights. Tonight expect Frank Chickens and with BOURGEOIS & MAURICE and MISS HIGH LEG KICK to come what better way to spend you Friday nights!

Dance - Chosen by Nicky
Rosemary Lee
Common Dance
Greenwich Dance Agency

The premiere was last night and the rumors around the office is that it is totally breath taking. It is sold out but there is always a good chance of returns and no shows so call GDA and put your name on the list. Informed by notions of shared experience, Common Dance is a large-scale work by one of Britain’s leading choreographers, Rosemary Lee. This bold production involves 50 professional and non-professional dancers aged 8 to 80, a choir of 70 young people from Finchley Children’s Music Group.

Michael Clark Company
28 October 2009 - 7 November 2009
Barbican Theatre
Tickets: £10-35
This new work evolves from Clark’s admiration for the music of rock’s holy trinity, David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Lou Reed, who worked in close proximity during the 1970s. The production includes Bowie’s iconic song "Heroes".

‘Rock is my rock. It has been vital to me at a personal level, it has shaped me as an individual as well as an artist’ Michael Clark.


Monday, 26 October 2009

Just a quicky if you don't know what your doing in 2010!

If you are in the market for a 2010 diary then get your greasy mitts on this one!

The Art Not Oil Diary 2010 is a beautiful, stirring 365 day reminder of the extraordinary art that is being made in the struggle for a safer, more just future, and the crucial role that our creativity will need to play if we’re to have a chance of
reaching that place.
The diary will be launched in October at the Arnolfini Gallery in Bristol as part of PLATFORM's 'C Words' series of events;
Thanks for the heads up Cat

Friday, 23 October 2009

Pick Of The Week 24.10.09

It's 1am on a Friday evening/ Saturday morning and having spent a wonderful night at the Live Art Development Agency (which I shamefully revealed to my friends and colleagues today I thought was in Cockfosters!)listening to the feedback from the DIY 6 programme and playing Miser - a - Ball (a game of keepy uppy where you are told to stand on one leg if "daddy payed for your education" - it was an amazing part of Camp Live Art)I am still immersing myself in culture for your weekly pleasure. Here's what we are getting up to this week, come and join us...

Dancey Times - Chosen by Richard
The nabokov Arts Club
Village Underground - Shoreditch
Jump up and down it's! The undisputed heavyweight champion of artistic happenings anywhere, ever!
Yes, The nabokov Arts Club is back with an all new extravaganza of theatre, music, comedy, poetry and lots more in a vast Victorian warehouse in the heart of Shoreditch. Also booze, food, dancing and general tomfoolery till 2am.

Exhibition - Chosen by Holly
Matt Collishaw at the Freud Museum
New works including sculptures, projections and installations on the theme of hysteria, childhood memory and loss created for Sigmund Freud's house.

Day out - Chosen by Holly
Kettles Yard
If you fancy getting out of town for the day, how about heading to Cambridge - I took some 'gifted and talented' A level students there the other day to 'raise their aspirations' and get them a bit of culture... I've been meaning to go to Kettles yard there for years and finally did - Jim and Helen Ede's home is a real delight - he was the curator at the Tate in the 1920s and the house is full of artworks and good books alongside natural objects... a truly inspirational trip! Helena Almeida is also showing in the gallery with her exhibition 'Inside me'.

Book - chosen by Sam
Live Art Almanac Volume 2
This is your chance to get what you have seen, read, twitted and facebooked about Live Art this year into print. LADA are calling for recommendations and submissions for The Live Art Almanac - Volume 2, An international publication of writing on and around Live Art Deadline: 31 December 2009 so you have a little while, but get thinking and sorting through your archives

Performance - Chosen by Becky
‘Pick and Mix’
Saturday 24 October
Woolworths, Leytonstone
A dance performance inside our old local Woolworths store in Leytonstone curated by Fearghus O’Conchuir who is Associate Artist at Project Arts Centre with the support of East London Dance.

Exhibition - Gustav Metzger
I have just deleted my entry 4 times because it was far to gushing! Everything I hear about Gustav Metzger makes me fall more and more in love with him; from a 3 minute conversation I had with him once, many years ago *swoon* to anecdotes of him listening to bird song in Viccy Park. I guess I can't mention his name without turning into a raving 13 year old Boyzone fan! Go see the show it will be amzing!

Exhibition - Chosen by everyone
Sophie Calle
Whitechapel Gallery
Even if you went last week go again and don't forget to go upstairs!

Festival-Chosen by Nikki
Sacred festival
Chelsea Theatre
shows til 22nd Nov
Now that the champagne corks have stopped popping it's time to read the programme and book your tickets, I'm heading for Paul Granjon and some wonderful Miss High Leg Kick.

& don't forget
Artsadmin's Youth Board are running Scrits on Wednesday and its the final call for film submissions for Dot Dot Dash Dot on Thursday 29th Oct.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Pick Of The Week 16.10.09

Boy do we have a stonking great swag bag of picks this week. Looks like our bloggers are having to think hard and fast about ways to while away the long cold(ish) nights. After the jump are our tasty recommendations for what to do next week...

Live Art Season - Chosen by Mark
21 October – 22 November 2009
West London's live art home comes alive this month with the opening (on Wednesday, see you there) of the Sacred Festival.This years highlights include: Friday night cabaret from Miss High Leg Kick and Bourgeois and Maurice to writing workshops with Lone Twin and some David Hoyle, Gob Squad and Paul Granjon thrown in for good measure.
You can also pick up limited edition oyster card holders designed by the likes of Bobby Baker, Franko B, Stacy Makishi and a few others.

Exhibition - Chosen by Lisa
Pop Life: Art in a Material World
Tate Modern
13th October 2009 - 17th January 2010.
£12.50, concessions £10.50.
Basically if a show has Takashi Murakami in it then I'm likely to recommend it. This show is not for youngsters, though, with three of the rooms being over 18s access only. Pop artists from the last three decades show off their heavily stylized works.

Dance - Chosen by Joanne
In the Spirit of Diaghilev
Sadler's Wells
13-17 October
I am really looking forward to seeing this! Four choreographers pay tribute to the founder of Les Ballets Russes with four new works. Including Wayne McGregor, who I really admire. Each artist, working with all or part of his own company, gives their own original response to the famous challenge that Diaghilev once issued to Jean Cocteau: “Surprise me!”. Each piece is a collaboration of different inspirations, music and dance.

Exhibition - Chosen by pretty much everyone
Sophie Calle at the Whitechapel
Even if you went to the private view last night I bet you missed out on half the show, I hear that although the fruity vodka beverages of the opening night were pretty remarkable, the work is even better.

Hula - las - Chosen by Sam
19 October 2009 - 7 November 2009
Artsadmins very own Heidi will be running hulahoop workshops at the BAC on tuesday evening, join her and don't forget your heels, glitter and falsies. Its worth it just to see the their new LED hoops...awesome!

Exhibition - Chosen by Manick
The Future Can Wait
Trumen Brewery
14- 18 Oct
See Angela's Bartrum's unique videos, Mark McGowens legendary documentation and Jock Mooneys colourful installations and much more all under one roof. A visual treat

Exhibition - Chosen By Frank
Omer Fast
South London Gallery
Oct - Dec 09
This three-part video installation by Omer fast plays beautifully with the conventions of cinema and uses these to examine what is lost, and also gained, when dramatising a true story. Based on extracts from an encounter the artist had with a person seeking asylum in Britain, this piece uses these extracts with further dramatisations of this story to show the disparity between truth and fiction. This work encapsulates all that I love about Omer Fast, a beautifully shot and thought provoking film.

Exhibition - Chosen by Frank
Anish Kapoor
Royal Acadamy
26 September—11 December 2009

This awe inspiring exhibition from Anish Kapoor showcases many of his major works to date and contrasts his more lighthearted, playful work really well with the more intense and dark pieces. The grand setting of the Royal Academy also serves to exaggerate this raw feeling and although there were a few works that didn't quite hit the button for me, the exhibition as a whole is well worth a visit.

Photography - Chosen by Holly
East London photography festival
"a photographic feast"!
oct/nov 2009
The largest photography festival in the UK with more than 150 exhibitions taking place in over 80 venues in East London.

Check me out in Photo Open curated by Alternative Arts at the Old Truman Brewery F block T4 15 Hanbury St. Opening Thursday 15th October 6-9 on till 4th November.

Shop - Chosen by Carly
3rd Sunday of every month
St Aloysius Social Club, Euston

My pick this week will appeal to anyone who went to those haphazard jumble sales on any given Sunday in their childhood, spent their pocket money on a variety of second hand tat and had the best time doing so. Except this time, rather than well-loved bears and old tapes of Kylie and Jason, the tat is the fabulous clothes, craft and comics found deep in the drawers of the achingly cool 'vin-tage' cats who meander the streets of London. It's still a Sunday though. Well some things never change.

Fun Times - Chosen by Gill
John Hegley
Thursdays at Arts bar and Cafe

also dont miss out on the last week of the beautifully grizzly exhibition at The
Wellcome Collection,Exquisite Bodies

Architectural Punch Bowl: Invitation to invent cocktail so big you can row a boat across it!