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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

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Here I am, minding my business, being a (that's Fashion, folks!) slave, checking out what's happening in the word of Style, as one does, and who do I find on's social pages ... MARINA ABRAMOVIC!!!

This is almost as good as Carrie Bradshaw going to an Abramovic performance, no? Except this is real life!!! OK, granted, the shot was taken at the opening of artist Terence Koh's newest show, but still ... STYLE.COM!?!?!!

I think this is brilliant and I'm super glad my love for fashion and performance has made such a tangible crossover. In layman's terms: Marina Abramovic = performance art, = fashion, therefore: MA + SDC = tangible crossover of fash and p-art! Now fashionistas across the globe can unashamedly show their true colours (i.e. that they 'like' fashion) when attending live art events! Yay!

Next thing Marina will be front-row at Marc Jacobs ... sitting next to Anna Wintour (talk about influential, iconic women) ... and we know what that means ... a Vogue cover isn't far off!

ALLRIGHT!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!Abramovic with Koh (pic courtesy of

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