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Monday, 13 April 2009

Excess Visions of Visions of Excess

Judging by the large number of cameras flashing and chirping in a variously distracting/annoying/rude manner, I'm sure there is already an outpouring of documentation pertaining to yesterday's Visions of Excess live art all-nighter at Shunt Vaults, so instead I present a single image, taken betwixt scheduled performances, which I think neatly encapsulates the tone of the evening:

(The chocolate bar and the lipstick are analogous to the bodily functions and fluids displayed in much of the work, while the indistinct morass of human flesh in the background alludes to the visceral nature of the evening's programme.)

My brain is still struggling to interpret most of the things I witnessed, and indeed has erased some of the more extreme content, so it is impossible for me to offer a full review at this juncture.

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