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Friday, 17 April 2009

POTW 17.04.09

Hello, I'm Rosalie, new Artsadmin Intern, and as of today, new assembler of Pick of the Week. I've never done any blogging before, but I'm very over-excited about this whole prospect. So... hang on, I write stuff, and people actually (maybe) read it?! Yey! Even better, is that it's related to Pick of the Week - meaning I can find out about all kind of great art related goings-on. As a relative newcomer to London this is just what I need. This week seems to be a good one, with a load of intriguing things happening, including the rest of the joyful SPILL festival.

Festival - Chosen by Eleanor and Richard
Until 26th April 2009

With just over a week to go, make sure you try and see some of the array of events at this extravaganza of performance, live art and experimental theatre. A good start would be Mitch and Parry's 'I Host You. Now Tonight, Let Me Show You How' (National Platform 18 April). Tickets are free, but you need to email SPILL to reserve a place.

Talk - Chosen by Sam
Artists & Boundaries
Monday 20th April
Go and listen to the artist and Artsblog blogger Richard Dedomenici, Mark McGowan and Mad For Real discuss "artists and boundaries" this Monday.

Exhibition - Chosen by Frank
Whitechapel Gallery
Passports: Great Early Buys from the British Council Collection

If you haven't been yet, get yourself to the freshly re-opened Whitechapel Gallery. After an impressive refurbishment programme (costing £13 million!), the Whitechapel is now glowing with health and substantially expanded. Watch a video about the new space here. 'Passports', just one of the interesting exhibitions currently showing, features a selection of works from the British council's collection of over 8,000 pieces. Iconic early works from artists such as Peter Doig, Sarah Lucas and Lucien Freud are included.

Exhibition - Chosen by Alison
The Hayward Gallery
Annette Messager: The Messangers
click here for information. This retrospective of Annette Messager's work presents an overview of the artist’s career and reveals her use of an astonishing and affecting repertoire of forms and materials (among them soft toys, stuffed animals, fabrics, wool, photographs and drawings).I went to the Hayward a few weeks ago, meaning to see the Mark Wallinger show upstairs, and quickly pop into this and was so blown away by Messager's work that I stayed for two hours, and had to have a stiff drink afterwards (leaving the Wallinger show sadly neglected).

Exhibition: chosen by Holly:
Five Hundred Dollars
12 Vyner Street, London E2 9DG
07794 695789
email here
Friday to Sunday.
Can't tell you much about the show as there isn't much writing about it anywhere on the wonderweb, so you will just have to take our word for it and go!

Exhibition - chosen by Lisa
Wallace & Gromit present a World of Cracking Ideas
Science Museum
28th March - 1st November

A bit young-person orientated, but here is a fun little show that illustrates how to put your wackiest ideas into good and practical use... an interesting little thing for creative designers to think about, Aardman fan or not.

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