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Friday, 3 April 2009

Love your free art institutions

After a recent trip to Holland, I have come back with far more than waffles and photographs of the crooked, beautiful houses. I’ve come back with an appreciation of our free art institutions.

Being a student, I was basically skint for the whole of the trip and was banking on my ability to spend long days wandering through many of Amsterdam’s world renowned museums and art galleries. Amsterdam is home to some very important and revolutionary works by artist such as Rembrant and Van Gogh. Unfortunately I was astounded by the fact that vast majority of these are inside very costly museums and galleries with no free collections.

This was in such contrast to the scatter of small and large free galleries in London that it really made me appreciate the ease at which we can wander out our door and into some of the finest galleries in the world for no more than the price of a train ticket.

I have often criticized these places for the hierarchical, self congratulating and some times just plain boring art that they perpetuate, however this trip really made me appreciate the fact that although they may not be perfect, they're there for everyone.  So I say to all those living anywhere near a free art institution, love it! There’s those that don’t have one.

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