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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Olympic Mascot Hurdles

The Olympic Mascot design application process has got more obstacles than the 100m hurdles..

The Olympic Mascot design application process has got more obstacles than the 100m hurdles, after the athlete in front of you has spectacularly tripped over the first hurdle and caused a massive pile up of tangled flesh and blood blocking your path to the finish line and you are in a wheelchair... with no wheels.

Once you've gone through a lengthy and humiliating registration process, you are faced with the following:

London 2012 mascots - Design, launch and 360 marketing and communications plan.

Full details for this opportunity are shown below.

Use the options below to respond to or track this opportunity. Once a contract has been awarded, select View Results to view shortlisted suppliers and feedback from the buyer.

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Opportunity Details
Opportunity Title London 2012 mascots - Design, launch and 360 marketing and communications plan.
Awarding Organisation The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Ltd
Description Background

The introduction of a mascot is one of the highlights in the journey to the Games. It is an important opportunity to build the brand of London 2012 and in turn add increasing value to the Olympic and Paralympic Committees.

Past mascots have shown great ingenuity, imagination and artistry. Early mascots were based on animals unique to the host country. More recent examples have been a variety based on humans, animals and creatures, both mystical and invented. Creativity and personality are always the hallmark of an Olympic and Paralympic Mascot.

The mascot(s) is a valuable ambassador to the Olympic and Paralympic Games and a plays a crucial role in setting the tone and style for the London 2012 Games in a multi dimensional way.

In summary:
– Mascots are a one of the key deliverables of an OCOG
– They play an important role in raising revenue via licensing.
– They provide a warm welcome to athletes and visitors from around the world and spark excitement and laughter
– Having your photo taken with a mascot is a must have Games souvenir!

London 2012’s vision is to use the power of the Games to inspire change.

London 2012’s mascot needs to be more than just a cuddly toy. It needs to capture the imagination of young people, it must be loved and help to create a sense of excitement and pride about the London 2012 brand.

Our aim is to develop mascots that help build London 2012 into a much loved brand. The desirability of the mascots will need to not only communicate and demonstrate the Olympic and Paralympic values, but must lead to the purchase of products. It is therefore essential that the mascot works across a multitude of licensing applications and be commercially viable.

To be successful the mascot (s) will need to demonstrate wit and humour that reflects London and the UK. They need to be accessible and appropriate in a tone of voice that is understood by children and young people, as-well as reflecting the culture and people of the host city/country.


• To develop a mascot (s) for London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games
• To develop and deliver a 360 marketing and communication plan to support the launch of the mascots and rollout plan for; 2 years to go, count down to the games, at ceremonies and competition venues
• To provide full guidelines for the on going management and licensing of the mascot (s)

In addition to responding to these questions on CompeteFor, applicants should prepare the following in a maximum of 3 pages to supply on Friday 28th November in the event of being shortlisted:
• Evidence to your responses to the customised questions
• Two case studies of your organisations favourite characters or mascots summarising:
o their commercial success.
o how your characters live in a 2d and 3d world
o How you introduced them to the world
• Provide short biogs of the team who would create the London2012 mascots
• Explain in no more than 100 words why you would like to create the London 2012 mascots.
London 2012 Reference Number 1041Mar
Nature of Opportunity Services
Opportunity Type London 2012 Supply Chain (Private Sector)
Delivery Point London
Response Deadline 21/11/2008 12:00
Estimated Tender Close Date 03/02/2009
Estimated Contract Award Date 31/03/2009
Estimated Contract Start Date 01/04/2009
Estimated Contract Value (GBP) Not disclosed
Additional Information for Supplier CompeteFor is an e-brokerage tool. The advertisement of LOCOG opportunities does not constitute the start of a tendering process, but an expression of interest. LOCOG regrets being unable to provide feedback at the short listing stage of CompeteFor.

Suppliers will be required to sign up to LOCOG Terms & Conditions which can be found at
Website n/a
Business Categories
  1. Film distributors
  2. Toys and games - wholesale
  3. Dressmakers
  4. Design consultants
  5. Comics and magazine suppliers
  6. Advertising services
  7. Marketing boards
  8. Toy shops
  9. Toy libraries
  10. Entertainers
  11. Designers - graphic
  12. Writers - technical and commercial
  13. Designers - jewellery
  14. Arts centres
  15. Toys, games and sporting goods - mnfrs
  16. Computer games
  17. Graphic arts materials
  18. Theatrical agencies
  19. Museums
  20. Theatrical costumes, equipment and supplies
  21. Designers - garments
  22. Model makers
  23. Literary agents
  24. Artists and illustrators
  25. Graphologists
  26. Theatre companies
  27. Arts
  28. Design engineers
  29. Marketing consultants
  30. Advertising - agencies
  31. Entertainment agencies
  32. Film studios and production services

Opportunity Response

London 2012 mascots - Design, launch and 360 marketing and communications plan.

  • Step 1 - Essential Questions
  • Step 2 - Other Questions
  • Step 3 - Submit

Complete all of the following steps to respond to this opportunity. You can save your response and return to view, edit, or submit it any time before the deadline.

Opportunity Details
Opportunity Name London 2012 mascots - Design, launch and 360 marketing and communications plan.
Response Deadline 21/11/2008 12:00

The buyer has set the following questions as essential criteria for a successful bidder.

Will your company be able to obtain the amount required by the applicable law of Employer?s Liability cover at the time of entering into the contract?
Does your organisation have experience of creating 2D/3D characters or mascots that appeal to young people?
Have characters or mascots created by your organisation been used commercially in any of the following areas film, TV, 3D animation, publishing, licensed products?
Have characters or mascots developed by your organisation been developed into ?plush? products?
Does your organisation have experience of working with a large sports events?
Have characters or mascots created by your organisation been used internationally?
Does your organisation have experience of developing a full 360 marketing and communications plan to support your characters?
Does your organisation have the expertise in developing graphic standard manuals?
Are you able to demonstrate how you have worked with sustainable materials?
Has your organisation engaged in major public participation activities?
Have you/your organisation got access to exciting and new talent?
Have you/your organisation got experience of working with an existing brand and bringing the brand to life through a character?
Is your company willing to accept LOCOG Terms and Conditions?
Can your company provide evidence in respect of all the above questions? Evidence will be required on shortlist and should be prepared for the request on 28th November 2008.

The buyer has asked for the following additional information.

How many employees are there in your organisation?
What percentage of the work carried out for this opportunity will be by contractors?
How many years has your business been trading?
How many references can you provide relating to this opportunity?
Does your company have a Human Resources Policy or Policies in place that demonstrates it meets all necessary statutory requirements?
Does your company have a system, either formal or informal, for checking and recording the quality of work delivered? If yes are you able to provide evidence?
If you have 5 or more employees, do you have a Health & Safety Policy? (If you have less than 5 employees, please answer ?yes?).
Do you have a Company Policy or Policies relating to sustainable development or Corporate Social Responsibility (e.g environment, health & safety, equal opportunities, etc), and do the Policies extend to all the Products and services supplied?
Do you have effective arrangements to ensure equality of opportunity within your organisation?

My mascot idea is for a massive robotic filing cabinet with a machete.

The Beijing Olympics had five mascots though, so if anyone has any other ideas, let me know in the comments below - we've got until 21 November to register our concepts.

1 comment:

Sam said...

mascot idea number 1 = something made up of 4 parts that flashes and causes people to fit!