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Monday, 6 October 2008

Pick of the Week 6th October 2008

Here it is again
the wonderfully democratic and not at all chosen by anyone in the Artsadmin office Pick of the Week
This week you can choose from....

Film - Chosen by Jen
Times and Winds
Reha Erdem

Time and Winds carries us through the seasons of rural north eastern Turkey, traversing the intimate relationships between husband and wife, father and son, between brothers, friends, man and nature, religion and modernity. Panoramic vistas of a sublime seascapes; a must see on the big screen and will truly one of the best films I've ever see.

Talk - Chosen by Sam
The Centre for the arts and learning series
Engaging Others: The dynamics of appropriation and collaboration in the
works of Sonia Boyce since the 1990s.
7 OCTOBER 2008
6:00 TO 8:00 PM (drinks at 7:30 PM)
Ben Pimlott Lecture Theatre

Sonia Boyce was born in London in 1962 and emerged in the early 1980s as a
figurative painter, quickly gaining critical attention as an emerging
figure in the black British arts movement, for works that spoke about
racial identity and gender in Britain.
Since the 1990s Boyce has worked increasingly with other people in what she
likes to call 'improvised collaborations', bringing the audience into
sharper focus as an integral part of the artwork and demonstrating how
cultural differences might be articulated, mediated and enjoyed.

Campaign - Chosen by Frank
Fund Chris Morris!
"If you are interested then with a little bit of searching on the net you'll work it out".

Exhibition - Chosen by Joao
Tate Modern
Date: you've got a while 26 Sept '08- 1st Feb '09

Highly recommended is room 3,
"it's a GIANT room with GIANT paintings on the 4 walls that simply blow you away".
Joao also said
"For if many people don't seem to see the point of Rothko's paintings, that room will prove them wrong as it is only in space, acting/playing in space, that his paintings make sense."

DVD - Chosen by Phoebe
Half Nelson

Exhibition - Also Chosen by Phoebe
Heart of Glass
Shoreditch Town Hall
Date: 2nd - 19th October
The Artists have been selected by open-submission – a panel of art-world luminaries including Marc Quinn, Gavin Turk, Rachel Campbell-Johnston (Art critic), Paul Hobson (Contemporary Art Society), Irene Bradbury (Associate Director, White Cube) and Philippa Adams (Saatchi Gallery) will select the most interesting work in show with the artist winning a solo show in CONCRETE & GLASS next year. Artists have submitted work in response to the eerie atmosphere of the space.

Dance - Chosen by Marine
Nigel Charnock - Stupid Men
The Place
Date: 6 October 2008 - 8 October 2008
Time: 8:00 pm
Stupid Men promises to question gender, sexuality, ageing - and a good deal more - within a physically and emotionally charged atmosphere. Each performance is a unique experience - approximately 60 minutes of completely free improvisation - an act of raw, fearless theatre.
We are told to "Expect the unexpected!"

Music - also chosen by Marine
Sic Alps
Barden's Boudoir
Tuesday 7th Oct 8:00 £6
this is an Upset The Rhythm night

Exhibition - Chosen by Mark
The Wharf Road Project
Opened on Friday
Go and see the new collection selected by Martin Westwood and Martin Creed.
Martin Creed has selected Lucie Stein and Joanne Robertson for the V22 Collection, we will be showing selections of their recent work. Martin Westwood has selected work by Alice Channer, Dick Evans, Elizabeth Price and Covadonga Valdes which will be on display in The Wharf Road Project.image by Covadona Valdes

Exhibition - Chosen by Joanne
John's House by Patricia Osses
Beaconsfield,22 Newport St, SE11 6AY
Until 26th Oct

John’s House is a digital body of work in progress: a response to the spaces within and beyond the former home of the playwright John Osborne. In solo performance, photography and in collaboration with improvising singer Phil Minton, Osses re-awakens the spirits of place.

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