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Friday, 25 September 2009

Pick of the Week - 25/09/09

A fair bit seems to be kicking off this weekend, with a festival, fair and performance recommended here ending before Monday. Thanks to us, our regular readers won't have to worry about missing it all.

Performance - Chosen by Joanne
Bahok by Akram Khan Company, 25th-26th September
For two days only Akram Khan Company will be dancing their socks off with the National Ballet of China. I saw the company about 4 years ago performing 'Ma 'and I still remember the stylised movements which pushed movement boundaries and the fantastic original atmospheric musical score. It was one of the best pieces of contemporary dance I have ever seen.
This piece explores how the body carries (bahok means carry in Bengali) national identity and a sense of belonging. As usual Khan uses dancer from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Mixing kathak-contemporary (Indian classical meets contemporary) and classically trained dancers I'm sure will create an interesting fusion! I will be seeing this so look out for the review in the blog!

Audio Slideshow Series - Chosen by Priyesh
'Disappearing acts' - Audio Slideshow series on the Guardian website
If you've ever wondered how old wheels are made, or how a book is
bound this is for you. This fantastic series takes you through crafts
across the country that have almost been lost in time. I stumbled
across the latest one on 'Stucco' which is the technique of
hand-modeling plasterwork and I was amazed at what was produced.
Could there be a revival of the Craftsman on the horizon?

Mini-festival - Chosen by Frank
15 minute factory, 25th-27th September, The Rag Factory, 16-18 Heneage St, London, E1 5LJ
A three-day cultural mishmash of live music, performance, art, cabaret, burlesque, stand-up comedy and interactive installations, expect art and music from the fringes.

Performance - Chosen by Rosalie
The Paper Cinema - The Lost World, Stoke Newington International Airport, £5
A cast of hand-drawn marionettes are magically brought to life by the Paper Cinema. In this new show, Arthur Conan Doyle's dinosaur tale is told, accompanied by a live score by Kora. Yes please!

Installation - Chosen by Jennifer
Echoes of Blackburn Meadows.
Transmission begins Friday 25th September.
Sheffield-based oral history and public arts project launches the first of a series of solar powered transmitters broadcasting spoken memories and sounds of the former Blackburn Meadows power station; home of two famed cooling towers, which were demolished last year. Workshops are being held to build FM radio receivers with which to access the artwork.
More info at

Fair - Chosen by Lisa
The London Art Book Fare, Whitechapel Gallery, on until 27th September.
Friday 25 September, 5pm-late
Saturday 26 September, 11am-6pm
Sunday 27 September, 11am-6pm
I'm mainly excited about this because as a student now I'm budgeting ferociously whilst trying to gather in any resources that might possibly be useful to me. In what equates to a giant art book sale, the gallery advertises up to 40% off the RRPs, plus free membership if you spend over £100 at a stall. If you're around East London this weekend it's certainly worth a look to see what you might be able to snap up.

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