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Friday, 18 September 2009

Pick of the Week - 18/09/09

I want to congratulate our bloggers this week, yesterday I'd received no e-mails telling me what we wanted in our Pick of the Week today, and then today I turn on the computer to find that my inbox is jam pack full of Picks. Lets see what we've got coming up for you this week.

Exhibition - Chosen by Frank
The Museum Of Non Participation
Karen Mirza and Brad Butler
25 September - 25 October 2009
Behind Yaseen Barbers, 277 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2
Another bizarre and intriguing exhibition commissioned by Artangel. It was born when the artists looked out from the national art gallery to view the protests and subsequent state violence during the Pakistani lawyers movement, and examines this relationship between the artists and those on the street.

Performance - Chosen by Carly
LOCii, 25th September, The Roundhouse, London
This is a bit of a heads-up for next week, but I'm sure tickets will be going fast, fast, fast! Underneath the great main space in the Roundhouse is a maze of corridors and archways, and it is here that LOCii will take place on the 25th September. In a beautiful 360 degree environment, a variety of performers and creative peoples from undiscovered talent to hidden gems are gathered together in this unique and unusual showcase. I went to the first LOCi and it was absolutely amazing, although I have been informed this second version will be bigger, brighter, better and pushing the boundaries of this intriguing site. Everything from music, to visual art, to magic, to things you never expected to see, this is well worth a fiver!

Performance - Chosen by Joanne
Lotte Van den Berg - ''Stillen''
Sadler's Wells Theatre, 24th-25th September at 8pm, £15
Stillen is a wordless meditation on the silent games people play – sometimes tender, sometimes cruel. Focusing on the relationships between six performers, Stillen explores the power of movement with a profound intensity that is both joyfully uplifting and achingly forlorn. It is a production about the consolation of touch and the pain of being alone.
It looks pretty bleak, theatrical and dramatic I can't wait to see it!

Event - Chosen by Holly
Since the start of August Justin Allen has been artist-in-residence at The Art of Engagement, a website for socially-engaged practitioners. For his online residency Justin has created VTC2.0 (messages for the future), a virtual time capsule into which people from around the world can place something for the future.
There is only a week left to go before the capsule is sealed for 100 years. Don't miss the chance to contribute to this innovative artwork.
Next Tuesday 22nd September the capsule will be sealed through a live ceremony that you can join via the Internet. Justin will have his lips sealed with stitches and then observe an hour of silence. You are invited to be part of this ceremony by sharing an hour of silence to mark the sealing of the virtual time capsule.

Exhibition - Chosen by Priyesh
Escapement - RAQs Media Collective
Frith Street Gallery - until 30th September
Having heard/read about this exhibition from various people/places,the one thing I didn't expect as I entered the gallery was the sound. Not from the silence of the 27 clocks mounted across the walls but from the central pillar around which a video installation covers all sides. The slow heart-like beating, the measured pace of a watchful face in orbit of the pillar and the presence of each luminous clock,create an atmosphere of a gradual repetition that mimics insecurities of a global day-to-day. With the world constantly chasing after time, they ask the question - What does it mean to be here now?

Exhibition - Chosen by Holly
"Speedy Gonzalez" Viva la Vida Loca! Lee Campbell Projects Summer of Loca!
Sunday, September 13, 2009 at 12:00pm - Saturday 19th September 11.10pm
The Mexican Embassy, 42-43 Hertford Street, London, W1
Artists let loose in a big posh house in Mayfair - see what they created!
Painting Installation Live Art - Live Performances Tonight Friday 18th September

Workshop - Chosen by Frank
Owl Project - Build your own m-log workshop
25th + 26th September
Space Studios, Hackney, London E8 3RH
Build yourself a music controller in a log!! Yes, you heard right, the owl project have joined with musician and professional electronic fiddler Leafcutter John, to teach you how to make and use a log (dubbed the m-Log), to control music software. It can't be a bad use of a weekend...


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