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Friday, 4 September 2009

Getting into the term time spirit

Maybe this doesn't apply too directly to many of our readers, but term is soon to start. It baffles me to think that one day, when I'm a big grown up, June and September will mean little more to me than the Summer Solstice and my best friend's birthday.

Not that it'll go totally unnoticed by me when suddenly my commute to work is devoid of chattering school children and the funfair moves into the park across the way from my house and the university students who rent a house next door to me seem to think it's alright to be having a party until three o'clock on a Monday morning.
I have been very irritable this past week and I get the feeling it's largely due to the fact that it's September now, and I start university for the first time in three and a half weeks. I'm scared, quite frankly, not just at the prospect of being in a new place with new people, but also at the idea that I'll have to get out of my routine of doing what I want when I want for three months into a 9-5 timetable (bloody art and design degrees taking up three times as much of your time than any others).
I have done... a little preparation. The power of Facebook and the Internet in general means I've been able to talk to a few people on my course already. I gave myself a few projects to keep myself busy over the summer, of which I've completed... half of one.
So maybe this isn't a big time of your life, maybe you ARE a student, and you still are unaffected by this transition... you're probably one of those cool laid back people who takes everything in your stride and can suddenly switch from getting up at 1pm every day to 7am every day with minimum jet lag. Maybe you're a grumpy old man who associates with no young people and locks himself up in his house always, except to get his shopping on Saturday mornings when the streets are guaranteed to be free of anyone under the age of 28 all year round.
If you're a student... I wish you luck, especially if you're going in to a new school or college. Just remember, THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE HAVE DONE IT BEFORE YOU, IT CAN'T BE THAT BAD.


Holly said...

Its worse for us teachers! I hate this time of year - returning from our summer holidays to an empty college - work becomes an office job with no students around to annoy us! Enrolement is upon us with all the politics of squeezing as many bums onto already full seats... If your students (and therefore you!) have done well results wise then you're under more pressure to take on more... it's a bureaucratic nightmare! I hate to admit it but its far more fun when the students are in and teaching resumes!

ideas said...

its so good to hear people talk about the new term. I forgot what it was like to start uni til i read this.
my advice is stick to the 9 - 5 getting into art school/ your studio early is awesome! you get to work for about 2 hours before anyone else comes in, when they do all you will do is chat (which is obvs an important part of a degree)
good luck and god speed!