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Monday, 2 February 2009

A nation of snowman builders we aint!

Last night as the snow started to fall on ye olde London town I did what most Brits tend to do, I threw a massive Mighty Boosch style parka over my i <3 pajama bottoms and squeezed into some ill fitting wellies in an attempt to capture some precious few minutes in the snow before it turned to the usual few snowflakes on car roofs and the odd icy puddle.

So at 2am I am on Chiswick High Road, looking like a mad cat lady, I am trying to create my first snow man in 19 years. I'm sure most of us are a bit out of practise but then again I studied sculpture so in my mind i think i will be able to knock up some kind of Henry More or Giacometti type creation. umm well here is the best i could come up with:

and so on that note I will head out to my nearest piece of green (well white) and try to beat lasts nights endevours.
ok I'm back and here is my afternoon attempt

i didn't think this was too bad until I saw what my neighbours had made (please note the pennys for eyes)

nothing tops the one my friend emailed me a photo of on Berners Street:

Ok so maybe we are getting better at this snow building business, if this weather carries on maybe sculptures like this will start popping up on the Old Kent Road.


Holly said...

How funny - I spent yesterday chasing snowmen and photographing them for a collection - the best one i found was a Donny Darko style bunny sitting on a bench! Photo to come once college reopens and i can nick a card reader! Yay schools out for snow days x 2!

Alison said...

I sympathise with the over ambitious snowman phenomena. I attempted a very large snow giraffe which I had to admit in the end looked a lot more like a sock puppet.
I was really impressed with all the creative activity in Brockwell Park, there was some weird, wonderful and obscene things being built and some very skillful igloo makers too.

Artsadmin said...

I love how people have grabbed anything to fashion into a sledge,
my top 5 alternative sledges are:
1. an air mattress
2. two planks of wood
3. an old tin bath
4. roasting tins
5. a blow up dolphin!

more snow please!