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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Framework Art Collective

While at the performance arts festival Experimentica, I met one of the performers, Adele Vye and was invited to Swansea to check out her interdisciplinary performance group, Framework.

Framework is an art collective based in Swansea made up of 6 artists whose common aim is to engage with the community through pieces which involve the public. They hold a social every first Tuesday of each month, where artists are invited to participate by performing or sharing ideas.

I went along one Tuesday and didn’t know what to expect, though I was told that I had to bring something to swap. I only remembered this during the train journey there, so proceeded to draw some tattoos on my banana, hoping it would pass off as clever and inventive.

It was held in a humble social club with a stage area, chairs and a bar. We were told to interact with each other by swapping our items, so I took a deep breath and approached various people, banana in hand. After much swapping, we had a game of bingo and watched a couple of films made by local artists.

It was an excellent way to spend a Tuesday evening, for a banana, some ink and a train ticket, I gained a mix tape, a skirt, half a carrot, plastic jewellery and was filled with the hope that there are groups such as these out there, where all sorts of artists can integrate in a supportive environment, where people are doing what they love.

I have been back there a couple of times since (the Christmas social was spectacular, with poets, performance artists, films and a dance) and hope to make it a regular “every first Tuesday of the month” thing.

Poster © Framework Photos ©
Yasmine Boudiaf 

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