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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Detroit is the new Hoxton

I was reading about how, thanks to the credit crash, it's now possible to purchase a house in Detroit for less than a thousand bucks.

Thus, following Frank's recent post about galvanising the organisational power of the internet, I have set up a Facebook group entitled Detroit SubPrime-TimeShare Challenge where I am inviting people to pledge £100 dollars for a stake in a MotorCity property. When the group amasses 10 or more members, I will start phoning estate agents.

This could be your only chance to own property, So join now!

NB: It's a secret group at the moment, as I thought it would be prudent to be choosy about my prospective housemates. So, if you want to join, befriend me on Facebook first, and I'll invite you in.

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