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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Pick of the Week 07.01.09

Happy new year to you all, we have had our Christmas break and we are now chomping at the bit to bring you a selection of greatness to get stuck into this week...

Consume: The Sales - Chosen by Lisa
get in there at the end of the sales especially in not so fashionable places as all the good stuff will be left at rock bottom prices! I'm sad that my local charity shops don't have sales

Theatre - chosen by Joao
Every Good Boy Deserves Favour
National Theatre
"Your opinions are your symptoms./Your disease is dissent."
A play about a political dissident who is sent to a mental asylum on the condition that he will only be released when he assumes being mentally disturbed. In the asylum he shares the room with a real 'mad person' that thinks he the director of an invisible orchestra. It is a rare opportunity of seeing this play as it needs an orchestra on stage playing the original score, which is not always easy to put together.

Exhibition - Chosen by Joanne
Cildo Meireles (until 11th Jan)
Tate Modern
A key instigator of Conceptual Art, Brazilian artist Cildo Meireles has made some of the most politically telling, aesthetically seductive and philosophically intriguing works of the last four decades. With a characteristic economy of means, he distills complex ideas into single objects or environments.

Theatre - Chosen by Jen
1927 Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
until 10th Jan
Last few days to see these nine salubrious and sinister tales by 1927. Sincerely inspiring and a seamless combo of animation, performance, live music and film.

Radio and Exhibition - Chosen by Alison
An evening curated by Resonance fm's Ed Baxter.
9th January 2009
Ed Baxter presents a short audiovisual lecture about the Victorian-era Standard 54 carousel organ on Brighton seafront, before giving the stage to a range of contemporary machine-music players, who use everything from hand held music-boxes to theremin.

This event is part of the current e Felix's Machines.

Please note that for all events, doors will open at 7.45pm. The gallery will be closed between 6 and 7.45pm to set up. The exhibition will be accessible throughout the events.

learn stuff - chosen by Sam
I knit London
every Wednesday and Thursday night...
The only way to cope in these sub zero conditions is keeping your hands busy and making a scarf to wear in freezing flat! I will be making the grenade purse i have had my eye on since reading about it in the Guardian way back in '05.

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