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Monday, 8 December 2008

Pick of the Week 08.12.08

As you may have noticed there has been abit of a dry spell on the blog as everyone seems to have the dreaded humbug flu. I was off all last week gobbing in a festive napkin and downing paracetamol like it was mulled wine, but you aren't here to listen to my mucus related tales you want to know what our herd of angels and shepard's aka bloggers are up to this week....

Blindness - Chosen by Joao
"The new film by Cildo Meireles, it has had mixed reviews: not as phenomenal as the book by the Portuguese Nobel winner Jose Saramago from which it was adapted but still a great visual experience. And that's the point for me - the film is made of images while the book was made of words. The focus of our attention should be the stunning sublime visuals sometimes so cold and empty, sometimes so human (like when the dog so humanly licks the tears off the face of Julianne Moore's character); no words are needed for conveying such a strong idea of a dehumanized (more primitive? more truthful perhaps?) society where a dog assumes human characteristics.

Place - Chosen by Holly
Sir John Soane's Museum
13 Lincoln's Inn Fields
open from Tuesday to Saturday, 10-5pm
Wonderful place especially at this time of year

Exhibition - Chosen by Joanne
19 December, 8-10pm
Eileen Simpson and Ben White play a DJ set featuring out-of-copyright clips, blips and loops sampled from 19th Century music boxes, player pianos and other automated music machines. This is followed by a p of a new composition made in collaboration with Felix Thorn for Felix's Machines, and assembled from out-of-copyright material for the player piano.

Group - Chosen by Yasmine
A group of artists called Framework based in Swansea do loads of community focused projects and they're always looking for collaboration,
There is an event on the 9th December, check out their facebook profile here

Book - Chosen by Lisa
British Animation: The Channel 4 Factor by Clare Kitson
Lisa went to see some Channel 4 animations in a special screening hosted by Kitson on Friday night, they were enthralling. This book explores the way animators have used the medium of the moving image to explore creative ways of communication.

Symposium - Chosen by Sam
Art in the Social Sphere
January 29 2009
Loughborough University
£10 (including lunch)
Speakers include: Dave Beech, Barbara Steveni, WochenKlausur, Public Works, Yvonne Droge Wendel, Lisa Cheung
The symposium will focus on current artistic interest in responding to a social context, questioning its ability to be both conceptually interesting and to offer a meaningful contribution to the society in which it takes place. It will focus on issues of authorship, the motivations behind an increase in engaged practice and the degree to which art can ultimately effect social change or social cohesion.
It will analyse specific case studies and look at the motivations behind artists choosing to work within a social context. It will explore the impact of changes in society, particularly in relation to social infrastructures and networks, and the degree to which these have compelled artists to use their work to support both communication and community.

Theater - Chosen by Carly
Pick of the week is definitely Hansel and Gretel at the Barbican - A reinvention of the Grimm classic, the audience are walked through a wintery land and towards a sugary, sweetie house where someone is waiting... Looks to be a beautiful experience!

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