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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

A Warm Welcome

Hello readers

I am glad you have managed to navigate your way through the plethora of projects, events and artists’ works to find us; and now you’re here you’re probably wondering what this blog is about.

The Artsblog is a new initiative set up by Artsadmin and a group of people who have taken part in or been involved with past projects here at Toynbee Studios. This group made up of past Summer School students from 2007 and 2008, Thinktank members and a range of artists and teachers, all here to get your responses and input into the Artsblog. Have a look through our bloggers profiles to find out a bit more about them and the kinds of things we will cover as well as our interests and talents!

The blog has been developed people with a passion for live art and performance. All the bloggers on here are working for free and we don’t earn any money through advertising or sponsorship, we are doing this because we want to open up the often small circles formed in the live art and performance world, we want to encourage good old conversation and debate!

So if you like a post let us know, and equally if you think that we are talking rubbish then bloody well tell us about it – constructively, of course!

So seeing as you are here, let us know what you think about the idea of the Artsadmin Artsblog. We need your feedback to make this a success. Tell us what you want to read about and where we’ve been… take ownership! This blog will only ever be as creative, vibrant and thought provoking as its’ readers and contributors… and judging by our bloggers the Artsblog is gonna rock!

Speak up!



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