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Friday, 29 May 2009

Pick of the Week - 20.05.09

Pick of the Week comes out every Friday and is busting with reviews and descriptions of all the cultural activities our Artsbloggers recommend for the week ahead. You should read it, because these guys know all kinds of insider-tips about what's going on in the worlds of performance, live art, theatre, art and film, and share the best of them here.

Show – Chosen by Sam
TPO Company, Butterflies
Touring May - July 2009, suitable for 3 to 8 years

In this amazing kid’s show TPO will allow children to follow the life of a butterfly, from larvae to fully grown, using their Children’s Cheering Carpet and motion capture technology. Created for those of 3 and up, the Children’s Cheering Carpet (CCC) is a touch sensitive carpet that triggers images and sound, creating a virtual landscape for performers and the audience. Motion capture sensors enable images to be triggered by breath and light, creating images on the white carpet and two large wings. Images and sounds are created in real time, making the audience the artist as well as the two performers, and an opportunity to get hands all over TPO’s technology. TPO are one of Italy’s most distinguished visual theatre companies, and have been producing well-received children’s shows since 1981.

Magazine – Chosen by Carly
Art and Things

Designed to highlight emerging talent in, well, art and things (photography, writing, music, performance art, graphic design etc.) this original magazine is humorously and intelligently written and beautifully laid out. Every issue I've found something/someone/some band to inspire me and fall in love with - consequently I have several art crushes on the people who've been featured. Check out the short story 'A Well-Oiled Heart' by Stefan Podsiadly in this issue - a wonderfully creepy tale! You can read it online, pick one up at a range of shops and venues, or send them a little message and ask them nicely to send one straight to your door! Can't ask fairer than that and it's free, free, free for all that talent!

Event – Chosen by all of us
Artsblog Live
7.30pm, Friday 29 May, , Toynbee Studios, free

We couldn’t resist quickly plugging tonight’s event, taking place at Toynbee Studios to mark the end of Artsblog Live Week. Okay, it’s being organised by the Artsbloggers, so we’re a little biased, but even if we say so ourselves, this looks damned good fun! Come along and try out some surprisingly lo-fi versions of social networking tools, join us in creating an online collaborative piece of work, or even grab five minutes of fame by featuring in the recording of the final Newsflash. The bar will be open, all the Artsbloggers (at least those who’re Lodon based!) will be here in person for you to chat to, and we’ve got a few secret tricks up our sleeve, to keep you all on your toes. Don’t miss it! Also, don’t forget to check out everything we’ve done so far this week here on the Artsblog.

Exhibition – Chosen by Alison
FORS (Rethinking the Altermodern )
4-76th June, 12-6pm (Saturday 6th open until 10pm)
The Rag Factory, 16-18 Heneage St, E1 5LJ

Altermodern was a recent exhibition at Tate Britain where curator Nicholas Bourriard labels the current globalized state of the world as being 'altermodern' (post post-modernism). Lots of people, although appreciating the work in the exhibition, thought his theory was a load of rubbish. FORS is Chelsea student, Samantha Cotton’s response to this.

Residency – Chosen by Rosalie
In My Shoes, Parachutes and Puzzles at Blast Theory, Brighton

Ever wondered what it would be like to inhabit someone else’s body for a while? Well, here’s your opportunity…Brighton based performance and media artists Parachutes and Puzzles have just begun an exciting new residency at the studios of Blast Theory, during which you’ll be able to do just that (well, sort of). The piece they’re working on, IN MY SHOES, is a screen-based performance work which will create a ‘wearable film,’ allowing the viewer to seemingly inhabit the body of the performer. By wearing a pair of video goggles, with the projected image of the performer’s body performing certain actions on two tiny screens inside, participants experience a sensation known as the ‘body swapping illusion’. The artists predict that this feeling will confuse participants to the extent that they’ll be possessed by a real sense of ‘ownership’ of the body whose movements they’re witnessing. Parachutes and Puzzles are looking for participants to test their work in progress during the residency – contact them here

Exhibition - Chosen by Oyinda
2nd Biennale, Greece
Praxis: Art in Times of Uncertainty
24th May - 27th of September

‘Praxis: Art in Times of Uncertainty’ is the theme and title of this year’s 2nd Biennale of Contemporary Art, which the State Museum of Contemporary Art/ Costakis Collection is putting together from the 24th May until the 27th of September 2009. Curators of the 2nd Biennale are Olabisi Silva from Nigeria, Gabriela Salgado from Argentina and Syrago Tsiara, director of the Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki.

Exhibition – Chosen by Lisa
Picasso: Challenging the Past, National Gallery, London
until 7th of June, Adults £12, concession and seniors £11, students and unemployed £6, under 12s free.

Picasso's work is familiar to anyone who knows half a thing about art but this exhibition only has a sprinkling of well known pieces so there'll be a lot of works you probably haven't seen up close and personal. The theme of this exhibition looks at the influences of the past on Picasso's work, including a section on Picasso's own versions of the works of great masters like Manet.

Magazine – Chosen by Joanne

This brand spanking online zine-come-blog is dedicated to art in all its forms. Run from London and Brighton they write reviews, news, previews and listings. They accept submissions too…subject to, as they put it: ‘vetting process and brutal initiation rituals’. Email them for details.

Event – Chosen by Rosalie
Cabaret without Borders – Talks and Performances for Free Movement
6 – 9:30pm, Wednesday 3rd June
Rochelle school, Arnold Circus, E2 7ES
£8/£5 concession

This convivial evening of satirical artistic interventions, passionate political rhetoric and personal testimonies is aimed at celebrating free movement for all and opposition to the Home Office's new Visa controls for visiting artists and academics. The evening comes from the Manifesto Club's Visiting Artists Petition, and is supported by A Foundation and Artsadmin. Bring your own alcohol! See the Manifesto Club’s website for full details.

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