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Monday, 24 November 2008

Pick of the Week 24.11.08

Meat and Cheese by Mike and Jen aka Duotard video by The Selby from the selby on Vimeo.

Some people in the office have been complaining about a feeling of emptiness and general feeling of lethargy. You may think this is because of the arctic temperatures or only having what feels like 20 minutes of sunshine a day, but I know the real reason... its because I was away at sea last week (with no internets for 4 days!!!) and didn't put up the pick of the week and for that I'm sorry loyal followers.
This time round I promise you a selection of Londons most wonderful events, exhibitions and oddities.Come on gang chin up, kettle on away we go with this weeks pick of the week...

THE BEST THING EVER - chosen by Sam
You Me Bum Bum Train
Cordy House
Curtain Road
£15 (includes a free rum cocktail and the best experience of your life)
Ever since I found myself in an abandoned, boarded up pub in Shadwell in 2006 being ushered through a series scenarios that included winning a gameshow and crashing during my driving test and then being rescued by a gang of firemen I have loved You Me Bum Bum Train.
It was taking part in You Me Bum Bum Train that made me make performance and to support new generations of live artists to make work that was both fun and transformational.
And now it is your chance to experience this head down to Curtain Road from 6pm every Saturday til December 20th. Get there after 7.45 and it will be sold out.

Nights out - Dance Party 2000
Friday 28th
9.00pm - late
Bethnal Green Working Mens Club
The UK's premiere husband and wife spandex interpretive dance troupe has decided to ressurect their summer blockbuster Dance Party 2000 once again! Including heavy metal/ragga/gothic/country/rockabilly demographic was sadly being being missrepresented in club culture so the ever spinning genre wheel will be back in action on Friday, November 28th at the Bethnal Green Working Men's Club!

Art Event - Chosen by Mark
Saturday29 November
7:00pm - 11:30pm
The Bluecoat
Mobile Academy presents: Blackmarket for Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge
Head on up to Liverpool and hang out with an expert of your choice, you get a staggeringly good deal... 1/2 an hour with your chosen expert for a mere £1.
More info here

Event - Chosen by Frank
Topshop Swap Shop
Buy nothing day on Saturday 29th Nov -
there is a Topshop swap shop in the Top shop on regents street, courtesy of the space hijackers and many other events going on around London. Check here.


Sat 29th Nov
The Korsan Bar
E2 8AL
Experimental music night!
Expect alot of very abrasive but apparently beautiful noise.

Exhibition - Chosen by Eleanor
A Quiet Reverie
A sound installation by Mark Peter Wright
As part of Audio Forensics @ IMT Gallery
Thurs 27th Nov-Sun 30th Nov | 12.00-18.00

A Quiet Reverie explores notions of hauntology, sonic cartography and
places of abandonment and absence. The installation contains field
recordings from four ruined abbeys in North East England, and combines
sounds from the architecture, space and landscape.
Mark Peter Wright's haunting sound installations are a must-hear in London this week.
Haunting then!

Website - chosen by Joao
Saturday 29 NOVEMBER 2008
Afternoon party 3PM>>>6PM
Launching the 00 issue of thier on-line magazine
The boys would like to invite you and whoever wants to launch something else to come along.

Bring Photocopies, Flyers, Print-outs, Drawings, Cards - be it your Blog, your Art, Magazine;Fanzine, doityourself project, one off idea...something you believe in, or merely want to advertise and sell out.
They are calling for yourPropaganda!
Go along and share whatever you have to offer on paper - no public is garanteed apart from other promoters and a good enthusiastic chat.
Times are rough.

exhibition - Chosen by Lisa
Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2008 at the Natural History Museum
31 Oct 2008 - 26 Apr 2009
"A stunning display of the natural world caught in a heartbeat, with categories ranging from the behaviour of animals to the relationship between humans and nature to under 10-year-olds' fledging photography."

Retreat - chosen by Holly
A yoga retreat
"I went on one last weekend and it was wonderful - from skipping in wet mushy grass bare foot to being summoned by a gong for each yoga session, not to mention being fed lots of tasty veggie food and the peace away from the city!"

Performance - Chosen by Richard
2pm outside Stockwell tube
This is a free event.
for more info 07828524056

"it sounds dreadful although it might be alright!"

the event is to start at station and finish downstairs on the underground

To see a video trailer click on here...
McGowan says,
"I think it is awful that John Charles de Menezes was killed in such a
violent way, but the cover up and blatant lies by the police, who in fact have
been giving false testimonies and perjured themselves in recent weeks is
absolutely terrible."

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